"Thank you, I will treasure your hard work. You really have captured my boy"
I welcome commissions for pet portraits.

I work from digital photographs and it is very important to have a good photograph to work from. The quality of my portrait will be dependent on your photos.

In order to produce a good likeness of your pet, a good quality photograph is essential. This should be a high resolution digital image. There is no need to provide a hard copy of the photo, as I can print it myself if necessary.

Some tips on taking photographs for your pet portrait:

• Head & shoulder make the best composition, so a close up taken at eye level is often the best option.
• You need a photograph that is clear (fill the view finder with your pet, not your house or garden!)
• Photos taken looking down on the pet give a strange perspective and do not always create the best study.
• A three quarters view often makes a better and more interesting picture than a side or full frontal view.
• If you can, please take the photograph in natural light and avoid the use of any flash. A cloudy day is better than full sunshine, as this avoids heavy shadows and bleached colour.
• Have the light source behind you.
• If you have to take your photo indoors, then in a light room near the window is best (your back to the window and your pet facing the window). Morning light is best.
• A lot of the character of your pet comes from its eyes and nose, so these need to be clearly defined.
• It is a good idea to have someone next to you with a favourite toy or treat, or to say a word that gets your pet to look interested.

The better the photograph the better the resulting picture

As a guide, a head & shoulders pastel portrait of a single animal, approximately 36cm x 25cm , unmounted and unframed will cost £100.